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Inferno Theatre brings unheard voices centre stage, telling stories and creating theatre that views the world through a plethora of perspectives.

Over time we construct brave, truthful and visually entertaining theatre that has ensemble theatre at the heart of our creations.

Our work is sometimes large and electric and at other times more subtle and delicate, either way it creates conversation, sparks debate and pushes audience expectations.



"A beautifully-crafted production which is a theatrical experience of exceptional power, meaning, and truth."

Bath Fringe Press

Footprints - Mission Theatre, Bath



The Times

The Fuhrer Will Now Speak - Nuffield Theatre Studio, Southampton


"An all too real powerful and hair raising performance."

IYAF Press

Sochi - Arthur Cottrell Theatre, London


"The Fuhrer Will Now Speak is a powerful and gripping piece of historical drama."


The Fuhrer Will Now Speak - Rose Theatre Studio, Kingston


"Josh is a director that adopts a sense of calm and assurance to his work. He embraced my practice with affability, trust and a natural intrigue to explore deep into musical intentions and sound design elements."

Joseff Harris.

Composer & Sound Designer.